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Looking Over CliffAs the men go, so goes…everything!  Men are the crucial determiners of the quality of a home, church and country.

Freedom’s Edge is about empowering  men to live on the cutting edge of true manhood, successful marriage and enjoyable fathering…a life of true impact and significance at home, in the church and in the marketplace.  Men who are transformed by God’s radical Grace in Jesus Christ are launched into a life of freedom and deep fulfillment like they’ve never known!

Our vision is to impact as many of the 175 million men in America as possible through seminars, radio, writing and teaching as well as encouragement and mentoring of emerging leaders.



    Our starting date is Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at Canterbury Retreat Center…easy to find at 1601 Alafaya Trail, Oviedo

  • Key Life Men is a part of a movement started by Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago.  We are men of all ages who desire to grow in Biblical manhood with Christ as our center, committed to building all men and experiencing the perks of being the Father’s sons by grace.
  • Time: In by 7 out by 8 AM Teaching and Table Talk
  • Coffee/Hot Tea/Drinks provided
  • Speaker: Dr. Pete Alwinson, VP of Leadership/Men, Key Life Network, Maitland
  • First Series:  Dangerous Freedom-The Way of True Manhood

Join with us…Start with us…Bring a friend…see you there!


God is not difficult to know or know about!

It’s a complete myth that God is hidden.  Hard to know God? Are you kidding?  Look at this world and you’ll see that God is literally screaming at us.  In creation we see power in it’s many sides: imagining, designing, and then creating out of nothing the things He made.  Shapes, sizes, colors, diversity, living and non-living, oceans, lakes, sky, rain to water the earth and grow the food.  Come on, the Design and the Designer are so obvious.  “I’m here, ” He says.  “Who else did all of this?”  Then we look at ourselves and we see that we are, well, virtually nothing compared to the One who made all of this.

Being left with faith in the eternality of matter and all things or trust in a good Creator, it’s easy to hear Him, if we will.

But then look at us, people, and frankly, we’re pretty wonderful too…except for how evil we can be at times.

Don’t ask me to take the step of faith that says people, in all of our complexity and diversity just came to be.  No, every person you see walking around is a sign-post flashing, “Look, I’m here because Someone made me.”

Then there is Jesus…

“Whoever has seen me has seen the Father….Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, or else believe on account of the works themselves.”  John 14:9,11

If you happen to be deaf to creation, then crack open the Gospel of John, or any Gospel and start reading.  When you see Jesus interact with people, you’re seeing God interact with people; when you see Jesus at work, you see God at work; when you see Jesus at play, then you see God at play.

God is unhidden!  He’s talking to us every day in what He made…and in Jesus.

A man simply has to know His Father, and to know how good He is.

So you might have thought your Father was silent and hidden.  Rethink that!  You have a Father who talks and a Father who listens to His sons.

So talk!

You take it to heart!



“The Christian on his knees sees more than the philosopher on tiptoe.”

Dwight L. Moody

When Jesus taught us to pray in Matthew 6 He teaches us a structure for prayer that is God first.   Structure is good, because it gives men some way to know what in the world we’re supposed to be doing in prayer.  I need a prayer map as a man.  Here is the structure, point 1, the map, step 1:

Matthew 6:9-10
9 Pray then like this: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. 10 Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

I. God Focus:

1. Hallowed be your name:  Father, I want your Name to be honored on earth now as they will someday when Jesus returns!

2. Your Kingdom come:   Father, come and clean up this mess on earth!  Stop the earthquakes, tsunamis, stop the plagues forever and the famines too, the abuse, the wars, the economic ups and downs, the mental illness, the break up of families.  Soften hearts, obliterate adultery, addictions…They Kingdom Come!

Rid us of politicians who promise big impossibilities and deliver debt.  Free us forever from corrupt elections, from lies, from those who seek power for themselves and their friends and not for the good of all.  Rid us of government that is bloated, and dictatorial.   They Kingdom Come!

Rid me of my own self-leadership which is selfish, inefficient and effective.  I want you to fix the world around me as you fix me.  I want you to rid me of my lusts and temptations.  I want Your Word and Truth to stick in my mind, not come in and leak out!  I am unable to stay filled with you.  Thy Kingdom Come!

Rid me of judging others, the tyranny of my insecurities, fear and arrogance.  Thy Kingdom Come!

3.  Thy Will Be Done!

In me be powerful…always.

In this world…be powerful…always.

In Your church…be powerful…always.

Thy Will be done.


When a man prays and sees God first, his vision for life grows.  If he starts with Himself, he rarely gets to God.

Pray this prayer, and use it as structure…on one day you might get so taken with God, you won’t have much to pray for yourself…but you will find your needs met!

God first prayers bring freedom and energy that is unstoppable!

You take it to heart!




Edge Points – How Grace Builds Men Pt. 4

  • Edge Points - How Grace Builds Men Pt. 4

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